Maharashtra doctors call off strike after state agrees to increase stipend, repair hostel

The stipend amount for doctors will be increased by Rs 10,000 from March 1

TNN | Posted February 26, 2024 12:16 PM

The Maharashtra resident doctors protesting in front of JJ hospital.

The Maharashtra resident doctors protesting in front of JJ hospital.

The resident doctors in Maharashtra have called off their indefinite strike after they received an assurance from the state government on construction of new hostel building and increasing stipend.

The Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors (MARD)  on Monday morning announced that the government in a cabinet meeting on Sunday agreed to comply with their conditions.

“All resident doctors will report to their respective duties. The government has agreed to our demands. The stipend amount will be increased by Rs 10,000 from March 1. We have also been granted funds for construction of new hostel buildings and meanwhile, the government will make arrangements for the accommodation of the resident doctors”, says Dr Sarbik De, Vice president, Central MARD.

“The government’s decision will play a pivotal role in enhancing the mental, financial and social health of each resident doctor individually as well as collectively boost the morale of all the residents,” a statement issued by MARD says.

The doctors also hailed the government’s move to increase the stipend amount.

The resident doctors from various government medical colleges across Maharashtra initiated an indefinite strike, on Thursday evening.

As many as 8,000 resident doctors were protesting over the appalling living conditions in the hostels in the medical colleges. They complained about the low monthly stipends (amounting to Rs 18,000), which also allegedly gets delayed by months.

The doctors had staged the protest in front of JJ Hospital, Mumbai after presenting their demands to deputy CM Ajit Pawar.  They have been demanding renovation of the hostels and increase in stipends for a long time but had only been met with false assurances from the government before this.

Meanwhile, with the absence of resident doctors in the OPD, the medical service is the state hospitals took a hit with patients  standing up in queues for hours.